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Author:  t1. [ Fri 25. Sep 2015 23:02:18 ]
Post subject:  K2O

Your name: Kevin

Nick: K2O // x1

Age: (Minimum is 14 years) 17

Points: (Minimum is 150 000 points) 589 710

PlayTime: (Minimum is 10 000 minutes) 17d 22h 36m (25837 minut)

Login: Lada

Expirience with admin rights: I have been admin in 2 RolePlay server, also i have been admin in clan servers.

Skype: // K2O

Why you want to be an admin: I want to be admin because i like to hold control and help other guys/girls if they need admin help.
Also it will teach me too in every way and it will be good experience and feeling to be admin in this very good server called: Miki :D
Like you know now, that i have experience being admin, it would be awesome to be in admin group.
I am friendly with guys who are friendly with me, i respect rules and i think that other guys/girls must respect rules too.

Your time on server daily: Work days - 2-5h
Weekend - 4-6h

Assesment for Lada

Bans: 0 (0 perma)
Kicks: 7
Mutes: 8
Known aliases: #00000xnsD, #LaDa, *F*C*LaDa, -DeF-t1, -DeF-t1-Bot, -DeF-t1., -DeF-t1.*, -DeF-t1.^, -DeF-Vodka.^, -DeF-xnsD, .::Scorpion-Black::.,, Black::.420#, Black::.5g#, Black::.69, Black::.Azerrz, Black::.D.Duck, Black::.Elegy, Black::.Hunter, Black::.K2O, Black::.K2O#, Black::.K2O:D#, Black::.MuetGaveMeSemi, Black::.MuteGaveMeSemi, Black::.Wolf, Black::.x1, CR, eX.Akbar.Vodka, eX.Azy, eX.K2OBit, eX.King, eX.t1, eX.t1., eX.tF1, eX.Vanja, eX.Vodka, eX.Vodka., eX.Vodka.^, ExD|xnsD, K*F*C*LaDa, K2O, K2OBot, LADA, Sharks]LaDa, t1-Bot, ugS]LaDa, ugS]LaDa., Vodka, Vodka.^, xnsD, |$K|, ~SoA^LaDa, ~SoA~LaDa

Author:  Mokrajn [ Fri 25. Sep 2015 23:30:50 ]
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Author:  FakeR [ Fri 25. Sep 2015 23:41:06 ]
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Author:  Erosion [ Sat 26. Sep 2015 1:05:38 ]
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Author:  Buke [ Sat 26. Sep 2015 1:09:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: K2O

Chová se slušně, je spravedlivý a má mozek narozdíl od některých jedinců, co si podali přihlášku, takže ANO

Author:  BBW [ Sat 26. Sep 2015 10:02:28 ]
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Author:  ツF̵̡̨̳̖̝̖̝̜̠̯ [ Sat 26. Sep 2015 10:22:40 ]
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Author:  [#Y]oLo [ Sat 26. Sep 2015 10:39:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: K2O

:thumbdown: Nope ..

Author:  AnDrEe [ Sat 26. Sep 2015 10:50:32 ]
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Author:  Buky [ Sat 26. Sep 2015 11:12:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: K2O

small yes

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