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Author:  AhmaD^/ [ Mon 22. Feb 2016 17:35:11 ]
Post subject:  AHMAD.

Your name: Ahmad.

Nick: AHMAD'

Age: (Minimum is 15 years) 16.

Points: (Minimum is 150 000 points) 1 964 661.

PlayTime: (Minimum is 10 000 minutes) 71 Days 10 Hours 41 Minutes.

Login: ahmad21

Expirience with admin rights: I had an admin in an old server, and I know how to use it.

Skype: ahmad-a-j

Why you want to be an admin: I think i would make a good admin, I have been playing in this server for a long time, and I know it's rules, specially because I'm an active player, I can help to make the server better and I would help any player who needs help, and that's what admin should be. I can't speak CZ/SK, but I'm good in English. Also i want to be admin for my benefit, if I am admin players will respect me more. I am friendly, I respect all the rules and I will help others to respect them too. I hope you will give me a chance and accept my request, Thanks.

Your time on server daily: 3-5 hours a day.

Assesment for ahmad21

Bans: 2 (0 perma)
Kicks: 70
Mutes: 24
Known aliases: #Dead,!., (R.K)MR~ahmad21, (T.R)MR~ahmad21, -1c-LaPan, -1c-MR~AhmaD, -DeF-AhmaD, -DeF-LaPan, -DeF-MR~AhmaD, -HF-AHMAD, -LoR//^AhmeD~>, -ZF-AHMAD-, 1#M@[H]d!^, 1#M@[H]dI, MR~AhmaD, =BOSS=MR~AhmaD, =FoX=AHMAD#, =LP=1#M@[H]d!.., =LP=|MR~AhmaD|, =LP=|MR~AhmaD|~BO$$, ahmad, AHMAD#, AHMAD*, BeX.AhmaD~>, BizarreArchitect57, CamPus, Davider, eX.//AHMAD, eX.//Ahmader, eX.0099ffAhmaD~>, eX.2a46a4AHMAD#, eX.<~AhmaD~>, eX.A/)(/, eX.AhmaD, eX.AHMAD#, eX.AHMAD#!, eX.AHMAD#SN, eX.AhmaD-/, eX.AhmaD^/, eX.AhmaD^|, eX.AhmaD~>, eX.BMW, eX.King_AHMAD, eX.Prince_AHMAD, eX.[A)hmider, eX.[AHM][A][D], eX.^AhmaD^, eX.^AhmaD~>, GoodBoy, Hyena..Campus, iX.AhmaD, iX.LaPan, iX.^AhmaD^, LaPan, LoL#, MR~AhmaD, m|X*MR~AhmaD, NFS|!|MaHDi|., NFS|[MR~ahmad21][, SlowCarnations18, sT~MR~AhmaD, uW//*NooB-BoY*, uX.AHMAD, VSG|[MR~ahmad21]|CH|, xD|#DeLuX., ZF,AHMAD, ZF,AHMAD', ZF-AHMAD', ZF-AHMAD-, [T.R]MR~ahmad21, ][MR~ahmad21][, ][MR~ahmad21]|CH|, ^AHMAD, ^AHMAD", ^AhmeD~>, |IFD|][MR~ahmad21][CH], |JDI|#AHMAD, |JDI|AHMAD, |JDI|AHMAD#, |JDI|AHMAD*, |JDI|AHMAD*69, |JDI|AHMAD*^, |JDI|AHMAD^^, |JDI|MR~AhmaD, |JDI|][MR~ahmad21][CH], |JDI||MR~AhmaD|, |LS||MR~AhmaD|, |MR~AhmaD|, |VIP|#MR~AhmaD, |VIP|1#Ma[H]Di^, |VIP|MR~AhmaD, |VIP|MR~AhmaD|, |VIP|^AhmeD~>, ||mr.killer56||, ~MS~[MR~ahmad21][, ~MS~[MR~ahmad21]|CH|, ~MS~|MR~AhmaD|

Author:  TysonPapa [ Mon 22. Feb 2016 18:07:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: AHMAD.


Author:  Evento.Big.Money. [ Mon 22. Feb 2016 18:08:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: AHMAD.


Author:  Erosion [ Mon 22. Feb 2016 18:13:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: AHMAD.


Author:  maj0# [ Mon 22. Feb 2016 18:47:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: AHMAD.


Author:  Delux [ Mon 22. Feb 2016 18:54:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: AHMAD.


Author:  Buke [ Mon 22. Feb 2016 19:02:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: AHMAD.


Author:  Wael Hydra [ Mon 22. Feb 2016 20:05:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: AHMAD.


Author:  ツF̵̡̨̳̖̝̖̝̜̠̯ [ Mon 22. Feb 2016 20:19:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: AHMAD.

Yes! =)

Author:  Kelin [ Mon 22. Feb 2016 22:05:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: AHMAD.

No, sry.

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