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Author:  Peta [ Mon 12. Dec 2016 15:03:58 ]
Post subject:  Petabyte

Your name: Christoph Schneider

Nick: -DeF-Petabyte#!

Age: 18

Points: 1 100 000+points

PlayTime: 82920+minutes

Login: Gallardo

Expirience with admin rights: On the -DeF- Server i was Moderator. So i know about commands and the Admin Bord (key P). I also know the most rules on this server.

Skype: tim.christoph.schneider

Why you want to be an admin: First of all, all want be admin. I waste my time on this server for hours daily, so i want give my time on this server more sense. Sometimes when iam on the server, there aren't admins online, and then some players inslut themselfs, and i hate this. I wish i could mute them. I dont want be admin to abuse my admin rights for set maps or somethink like this, also i dont want be admin to ban players which i dont like, or which dont follow the rules. I want that the players on the server are friendly and have fun, so i just want kick or mute them if have to do it. For ban there are the higher admins. I know i cant do an expection on my friends on this server, and i will not. How i already said, i just want that the players follow the rules.
Second thing, osdm hasnt anymore admins, and iam the perfect osdm admin, i am all days online, and most time friendly to the player, if the dont start inslut me. And thats why i think this theard is again open. Some admins arent anymore so activ.

Your time on server daily: 1-5hours (on good/sad days 8hours)

Assesment for Gallardo

Bans: 0 (0 perma)
Kicks: 15
Mutes: 8
Known aliases: -DeF-Butterfly, -DeF-Butterfly#, -DeF-Chris, -DeF-DJbyte#!, -DeF-Dragonsky, -DeF-Drunkm4n#!, -DeF-Drunkman#!, -DeF-Errorcode#, -DeF-FriendyHam, -DeF-HolyCow, -DeF-IeatMyfoodForFun, -DeF-IeatMyFoodForFun#, -DeF-justWee#!, -DeF-Papabyte#!, -DeF-Peta-gL*, -DeF-Petabyte, -DeF-Petabyte#!, -DeF-Petabyte#C, -DeF-Petabyte^^, -DeF-Playbyte#!, -DeF-RageButterfly, -DeF-Ragem4an#!, -DeF-Skoda, -DeF-VWCrossPolo, -DeF-Xman, -DeF-Yuki, -DeF-[Ta]orC.#!, DemonicArmchair8, easy#Petabyte, ElectricVenom5, ExD|Peta-DeF-, ExD|Petabyte, Gallardo, gA||ArDo, MakeItBetter, MakeItB[r]etter, Peta-DeF-byte, Petabyte, Petabyte#!, Petabyte|RD|, Petabyte~[BesT]~, ScatteredHerbs93, Tera,, Yuki-DeF-, [HW]Petabyte, [TPOF]MakeItBetter, [TPOF]Petabyte, |RD|Peta, |RD|Petabyte, ~[BesT]~Petabyte

Author:  Xman12 [ Mon 12. Dec 2016 15:35:57 ]
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Author:  MisT [ Mon 12. Dec 2016 15:50:13 ]
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Author:  Madik [ Mon 12. Dec 2016 15:57:59 ]
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Author:  Soucre [ Mon 12. Dec 2016 17:46:53 ]
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Author:  Monsta [ Mon 12. Dec 2016 17:48:37 ]
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Author:  Erosion [ Mon 12. Dec 2016 18:29:16 ]
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Author:  Pandaz# [ Mon 12. Dec 2016 18:56:34 ]
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Author:  Enkey [ Mon 12. Dec 2016 19:55:24 ]
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Author:  Kebab [ Mon 12. Dec 2016 21:42:59 ]
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