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'Monster Truck'
'Monster Truck'
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Change nick, add new account:

ESC -> Settings -> Multiplayer -> Nick

/register nick password - Add new account.
/login nick password - Log-in to your account.
/changepassword password - Change your password.


"T" (text) writing to server.(To what you now)
"Y" (text) writing to clan only.
"Z" Saying to server (voice chat)
"Z","K" or "M" turn on/off music on map.
"F2" turn on/off Spectators what looking to you
"F3" turn on/off UserPanel
"F4" turn on/off Carfade
"O" turn on/off Player's vehicles(It is for players what have low FPS)
"F5" turn on/off Top Times table - first 8 best top times in current map
"F8" turn on/off Console
"F9" turn on/off Help window.
"F11" turn on/off San Andreas map.(Works in all server, but use only for FUN server)
"TAB" turn on/off Score Board table - Here you see players online, his/her ping, fps, afk status , etc.

If you are AFK more than 30 seconds, stats anti-afk, what kill you(blow).

Map's rating:
/like - You like map
/dislike - You don't like map

Basic commands:

/nos - Add nitro to your car ( 5 000$ or 2 250$ )
/fix - Repair your vehicle ( 10 000$ )
/bind key command - Bind to key some command(for bind text use /bind key say text)
/unbind key - Delete all binds in this key
/use - Use your bonuse(must have 1 minimum [!bonuses])
/pm nick text - Private message,nick must not be full player's nick, if player have <_K|||_erl> then can write only /pm ||| text
/report - It is used to report a bug, player or anything else not abuse!
/language(shorcut /lang) - Change language (EN or CZ)
/messages (shorcut /msgs) - Number of your sended messages
/quit - Fast end / close game
/time - Real time

!admins - Online admins(You cant use /admins too)

-- This all you can see in USERPANEL ! F3 --
!cash - Cash $
!playtime - Your play time on server
!hunters - Number of hunters
!bonuses - Number of your bonuses
!top hunters - Top three players with hunters
!clan hunters - Number of hunters in your clan
!wins - You'r wins
!2nd - Number of 3.rd position
!3rd - Number of 3.rd position
!deaths - Number of deaths

Redirect to other server:
(PS: Type in chat on our servers)

!dm -Redirect to DM server.
!dd -Redirect to DD server.
!fundd -Redirect to FunDD server.
!fun -Redirect to Fun server.

Basic colors:

#FFFFFF - White
#FFFF00 - Yellow
#FF0000 - Red
#FF00FF - Pink
#0000FF - Dark Blue
#00FFFF - Light Blue
#00FF00 - Green
#C0C0C0 - Grey
#000000 - Black

Translated from
Original (Czech) version by CzSK

O spoustě hráčů a lidí jsem si říkal že jsou kokoti, dementi apod.. Tento mně dost fascinoval a zaujal hned první místo !:
Jsi debil Ingnitione ! Je mi líto, ale zaujal jsi první pozici a to na pěkně dlouho

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