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PostPosted: Wed 08. Jul 2015 16:43:12 
Hlavní Administrátor
Hlavní Administrátor
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Player is obliged to abide by the rules given below. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse!

A) Website rules:

1) Everyone has the right to express their opinion in the context of good behaviour.
2) We will not tolerate profanity, sexual harassment, insults aggressive behaviour.
3) Check the correct section and your text before you post anything.
4) Keep on topic.
5) Follow the outlines and rules of respective forum sections.
6) Infringement of the rules on the website can lead to punishment on the servers as well and vice versa.
7) It is strictly forbidden to link to:
(i) Any competing portals/servers
(ii) Content intended for adults
(iii) Content that is in any way inconsistent with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic.
8) No multi-posting (ie. 2 two or more posts in a row).
9) Signature may have maximum size of 690px x 300px.
10) Gifs or any other moving pictures in signature have to be in a spoiler.
11) If you post a complaint, you are obliged to speak the truth and only the truth, the complaint could turn against you otherwise!
12) Signature/Posts must not contain promotional material of servers outside of the portal
13) Restoration of a topic that is older than one month is punishable by a warning. Exceptions are still present topics such as bug report that has not yet been fixed.
14) When creating a new topic, provide brief and informative subject. (Eg. "Bug", "Complaint" etc. are not informative. "Bug during login" and "Complaint on admin miki_cz" are correct.)

B) Server rules:

1) It is forbidden to enter the server with any offensive nickname or similar nick to any long-term players.
2) It is forbidden to anyhow flood the server or to use cheats of any kind.
3a) It is strictly forbidden to be fraudulent towards other players.
3b) When reporting any fraud involving transfer of money it is necessary to have strong evidence in the form of screenshots. If you do not, you risk the possibility that the complaint will be rejected.
3c) In the event that the transaction violates § B) 14. entitlement to resolving of the complaint expires.
4) It is forbidden to log in as other players without their permission.
5a) Player must not abuse bugs, he is obliged to report such bugs here on the forum.
5b) Player is forbidden to abuse bugged maps to shorten maps for more than 1/4, if a player is guilty of this, the Top Time will be deleted. Repeated offenders will be punished in the form of a ban.
6) If an administrator is online on the server, do not use the command /votekill.
7) Player may take the Hunter only once per round.
8) Do not anger in any way administrators and players (vulgar, weighing, gossip, other insults etc.).
9) If you have low FPS or high ping try not to connect to the server, if you will be seen by an admin, you will get a kick.
10) It is forbidden to write permanently in upper case letters.
11) Any attempt to make a double TopTime (multiple accounts with the same nickname) is prohibited.
12) Strictly prohibited advertising to promote other portals/servers (except for clan servers in team chat).
13) Excuses like "that did my brother" will be automatically punished with ban. It is your account so do not let anyone else on it!
14) Trawing with accounts is forbidden, if an account is sold the account will be blocked and will not be possible to continue using it in the game.
15) Regulate vulgarity (if you will swear (the level of vulgarity determined by administrator), you will be muted/banned)!
16) Administrator provocation could lead to a ban!
17) It is forbidden to set/redo maps more than twice in a row.
18) It is forbidden to join clans for just chat (So called "CH").
19) It is forbidden to use any other language than Czech, Slovak and English in the main chat.
20) Repeated 'KMZ' will be punished.
21) Nick change is not allowed while the player is muted.

C) Administrator rules:

1) Do not abuse administrator privileges.
2) Administrators have almost the same rights as other players.
3) Do not prefer any player or clan over others.
4) Administrator has to be neutral towards all players and clans.
5) Administrator may never share his credentials with anyone.
6) Administrator may not post request/bother about higher admin level.
7) It is forbidden to provide 'Dementia' as a reason for punishments.
8) It is strictly forbidden to copy and to make available to other players materials, texts and conversations that are available only to administrators and are inaccessible to other players. Such materials include mainly administrative chat using instant messaging services (eg. Skype) and admin chat in the game. Specifically, it is also forbidden to send to others screens, or copy files that have been posted in the admin conversation, except if the admin that sent such file agrees. If an admin is found guilty of this, he/she will be permanently kicked out of admin team with immediate effect.


* If an administrator is found guilty of any complaint, etc., and it will be a slight offence, he will be issued with a warning. If he/she will have a second warning, his rights will be removed or admin level reduced.
* If an administrator is found guilty of any complaint, etc., and it will be a heavy offence, his admin rights will be revoked. (Heavy offence is considered to be admin rights abuses, server threat, etc.).

System of punishments on the website

    3rd warning - 1 week ban
    4th warning - 2 weeks ban
    5th warning - 1 month ban
    6+ warning - Permanent ban

What is not present in the rules is not necessarily allowed.
Last edit: 15/06/2015

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