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Author:  NexT. [ Wed 26. Jul 2017 23:30:01 ]
Post subject:  NexT

Your name: Wael Charaabi

Nick: NexT

Age: 17

Points: 1.874.000

PlayTime: 86142

Login: waelcobra

Experience with admin rights: my experience ain't that big to be honest i had like an admin from an old clan Called " Ownage Owls " i think . They had like DM/DD server its probably now gone because this happen like 4 years ago so yeah i was admin in that server and worked hard to get it , i can try to improve my experience with Mshost

Skype: nextion123

Why you want to be an admin: I want to be an admin because i feel like i have been for long time and i know all players and all rules to make this server more great than its now , its kinda hard job to do but nothing is impossible everything can get improved even with small details can make huge difference in the server well to be honest i know the server don't need so much of foreign admins since all admins can speak English and the main language which is SK/CZ but MIKI gave the chance for the EN community to become part of the AP which is greatful and hopeful so that's why i'm trying to achieve this Role for like over 2 years and i wont stop because nothing is impossible and just by willing u can do anything

Your time on server daily: around 5/6 hours a day

Assesment for waelcobra

Bans: 2 (1 perma)
Kicks: 56
Mutes: 39
Known aliases: (e.e)Ne{x}T::., *F*C*C~|NexT|~, *F*C*mod, *F*C*StaR, *|NexT|*, -LK-StaR, -pG-.::NexT::., -WM-NexT, .::NexT::., .:NexT:., 4Fun^NexT, 4Fun^Ne{x]T, 4Fun^Ne{x}T, 4Fun^Ne{x}T^, 4Fun^Ne{x}T~MS~, NbexT, NexT, ~NexT, ~NexT, =BOSS=.:NexT:., =BOSS=:NexT:., =FoX=#NexT, =FoX=Bick_Dick, =FoX=Doublelift, =FoX=Lina<3, =FoX=Nab-AFK, =FoX=NeX, =FoX=NexT, =FoX=NexT(S), =FoX=NexT-bot, =FoX=NexT., =FoX=NexTAFK, =FoX=NexTos, =FoX=NexT|CH, =FoX=Nigga, =FoX=Passenger, =FoX=PizZa, =FoX=PizZa|1|, =FoX=Sex, =FoX=Tunisia, =FoX=Turtle, =FoX=[N], =FoX=~NexT~ch, >BOSS<#*NexT*#, >BOSS<*NexT*-T, >BOSS<.:NexT:., >BOSSBOSSBOSSBOSSBOSSBOSSBOSS<~NexT~, >BOSS<~NexT~#, AHMAD_COMEBACK, Aziz, Black::.#NexT, Black::.420NexT, Black::.BOSS2, Black::.Elyes, Black::.Ne.^, Black::.NexT, Black::.NexT(S), Black::.NexT., Black::.NexTAFK, Black::.NexTGOD, Black::.NexTPOWA, Black::.NexTSp1, Black::.NexTT1, Black::.NexTT2, Black::.StaR#~, BOSS=~|NexT|~CH, D&M|Armageddon, DanCer, Diablo, DrP^~NexT#ACL, DrP^~NexT~, eA//|ProtecT|, Faster, FNC.NexT, Fs^LeXio, hhhhh, JDI|NexT, JDM||NexT|CH, K&S|NexT, L&G|.:NexT:., ManiacalCyprus32, MatRiX#, Moe#610Men, m|X*Armageddon, NeX, Nexon, NexT, NexT., NexT, Ne{x}T, Nigga, NxeT, N|G^NexT, N|G^StaR, Pp//FasTCar|CH, Problem#, sQ|Ne2xT, sQ|NexT, sQ|~NexT~ch, StupidStation98, sT~NexT, sT~NexT+5, sT~NexTioN, sT~NexT_(AFK), Ts//~NexT~, TsC#NexT, TsC_-~>NexT~>-_, Tunisia, Turtle, vP//~NexT, White::.NexT, [IsP]/NexT/, [S1ms]|FasTcaR|, |$K|*|NexT|*ch, |$K|MiX^, |$K|NexT, |$K|NexT|CH, |$K|Nex^, |$K|ProtecT|CH, |JDI|#~Nex[T]~#, |JDI|NeX, |JDI|NexT, |JDI|NexT|<3LN|, |JDI|~LoVeR, |JDI|~NexT, |JDI|~NexT#, |JDI|~NexT#., |JDI|~NexT#.CL, |JDI|~NexT~, |JDI|~Nex[T]~, |JDI|~Ne[x]T~, |JDI|~NoBodY, |JDI|~RaT!Z, |JDI|~Ratiz, |JD|~Ne[x]T~, |LS||~Nex[T]~, |VIP|NexT, |~|NexT|~|, ~#StaR#~, ~FaseR~, ~FasteR~, ~gM//*.:NexT:.*, ~gM//*|NexT|*, ~gM//.:NexT:., ~gM//FasTer, ~gM//NexT, ~L|D~|NexT|, ~L|D~|~|NexT|~|, ~L|G.:NexT:., ~MS~.:NexT:.,, ~MS~NexT, ~MS~~NexT~ch, ~NexT, ~NexT#, ~NexT~, ~RaTiZ, ~RT|NexT, ~|69|~NexT, ~|69|~NexT|CH, ~|69|~|NexT|, ~|69|~|ProtecT|, ~|BFD|~NexT|CH, ~|NexT|~

Author:  TysonPapa [ Thu 27. Jul 2017 1:16:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: NexT

Lol, no..

Author:  GoLd [ Thu 27. Jul 2017 8:50:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: NexT


Author:  FakeR [ Thu 27. Jul 2017 8:50:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: NexT

Yes he is godo person good luck next :thumbup:

Author:  _Tony_ [ Thu 27. Jul 2017 9:39:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: NexT

No.. :thumbdown:

Author:  Xman12 [ Thu 27. Jul 2017 12:06:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: NexT


Author:  Erosion [ Thu 27. Jul 2017 14:32:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: NexT


Author:  maj0# [ Thu 27. Jul 2017 14:34:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: NexT

Good friend and Ap? NO.

Author:  DemiGod [ Thu 27. Jul 2017 14:36:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: NexT


Author:  AWSM [ Thu 27. Jul 2017 16:18:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: NexT

Yeap,good boi

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